Being with, becoming with, thinking with;

bacteria, fungi and algae


> SOLO EXHIBITION Jan. 18th - 31st 2023, in Galerija Na Katu, Zagreb HR <



We share the same story. We go back to the same beginning.

We are entangled with those we long kept in the dark or just

dismissed as scum or germs. Bacteria, fungi and algae are very

much part of our Umwelt, very much involved in our world-

making, very much part of our bodies. Today, all-together,

we inhabit a damaged planet.



THROUGH OOZE and SLIME... not only invites us to re-connect to where we came

from, the works invite us to sense beyond ourselves, to sense the world from

 fungi, bacteria or algae point of view




 Our species-specific-sensing is limited, answers to urgent questions might 

be held in worlds beyond. Reactive wearables,capsules & devices were created 

for interspecies communication. They assemble in a multi-sensory, interactive 

installation, that is very much alive.


For the different installation elements << click on the following links below >> :



for parallel sensing with fungi




reactive living oxygen generator with micro-algae and seaweeds




Responsive Bacterial Capsules >

 to swallow and become closer to your microbiome



BIO-REACTOR with symbiotic cultures

 of bacteria & yeast (see photos above)