Maaijke Middelbeek

Born 1979 in the Netherlands

Currently living and working in Vienna, Austria


Maaijke Middelbeek makes visual art using different media. She is strongly captivated by the aura of broken objects and materials. The artist collects things with a history - is drawn to structure and transformation (originated over time, by nature or in the process) - and picks the scraps, scratches, cut outs or leftovers that come to life in a conceptual context. Her tactile works, such as the skin imprints, are like landscapes. She invites you to touch, sink in or travel through the surfaces or skinscapes. Her collection of tissues and textures draws a line to her background in textile design.



Maaijke Middelbeek studied Fashion and Textile design at AMFI: Amsterdam Fashion Institute (1999 - 2003 - Bachelor). After graduating she worked in different fields of the fashion industry, from print & textile design, styling and production to journalism and copywriting. In 2015 her creative element was calling on her for more autonomous work. The same year she moved from Amsterdam to Vienna, where she found a fruitful base to grow her art and set up exhibitions. 





Upcoming in 2020 Residency Künst in der Natur

a chance to create in a different environment, deal with natures circumstances 


July 5th 2019 - Transitionen: Group exhibition with Kunstraum Super Vienna in Antichambre Düsseldorf (Hotel Friends) 

Kunstraum Super Wien

Antichambre Düsseldorf



Online at Saatchi Art:


September 25th - 30th. From one skin to another - Parallel Vienna Sept. Project Statement with Basement Autonomes Kunstraum - a duo exhibition with artist Christina Boula.


May - June 2017. Geschichten aus Schichten - at Format.strk Vienna. Duo show with New Media artist Kevin Daryl Ferdinandus. 

Format.strk on Facebook

Strategische Kapitulation Website


September 2016 - Zeitzoo Group Exhibition, Vienna.  

Zeitzoo Website