Maaijke Middelbeek

1979, Nijmegen NL

Currently lives & works in Vienna AT



My work crosses the disciplines of art (installation, sculpture & textiles) and biology. The last one grew in my interests and research. As a counter reaction to our consumerism and the remaining waste and destruction I started to work with living organisms, that are breathing, transforming, here for a moment. Artworks that are not necessarily created to last or to be preserved. With the awareness that every species and relationship within the network of life has meaning and seeing this web change and unravel by human doing, I grew feelings of care and responsibility as an artist and questioned my work and it's relation to life on a damaged planet. I longed to work with life's great connectors, with symbionts, in order to understand them better and learn from them.


Currently I work with and care for different organisms in my studio-lab, such as fungi, algae or SCOBY (Symbiotic Cultures Of Bacteria & Yeast). Besides I make research on bio-cellulose and on the process of decomposing textile waste, linked to my background in fashion & textile design. 





I studied Fashion & Textile design at AMFI - Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (1999 - 2003, BA). After graduating I worked in different fields of the fashion industry, mostly in journalism (e.g. L’Officiel NL) and copywriting (e.g. Press Only PR). I experienced the rapid change in a volatile fast-fashion-industry and soon felt the need to tell different contradictory stories, in addition I longed to devote myself to more autonomous and conceptual work. In Vienna I found a fruitful base to grow art and set up exhibitions. 






Künstlerhaus  Wien, exhibition with the other selected artists from the 'On the road again' Call from the Österreichische Kulturforen 



Solo exhibition with Österreichische Kulturforum Zagreb, BMEIA Außenministerium 


POROUS PROJECTIONS May 05th - June 30th, in Afro-Asiatsisches Institut Graz


OTHER-MOTHER photo exhibition in collaboration with M2 Veronika Korbei part of  Foto Wien




Postponed: MY ARTIFICIAL WOMB    Nov. 24-27th  Galerie AG18 part of 'Precarious Circumstances' with QM&A. From May to Nov. 2021 I joined the Question Me & Answer artist collective. During these months I made research on SCOBY. 


REACTIVE FUNGI WEARABLE at Red Carpet Showroom Karplsplatz during July'21. Collaboration with Question Me & Answer.




TERRAIN VAGUE in Galerie SPZ Prague with Kunstraum Super Oct. 29 - Nov. 20, 2020 


August 26 Gugging Sommerfest: drawing Tastsinn for #freudebereiten

Galerie Gugging


My mushroom & mycelium drawings + Tastes like Honey

July 2020, Research Residency Künst in der Natur 




December 2019 to March 2020  Banner at Galerie SPZ Prague

Kunstraum Super Vienna invited me to design a flag as an announcement for an upcoming show in Galerie SPZ in Prague. Every 3 months SPZ selects a new artist to make a design for the flagpole.   


July 5 - August 8, 2019  Transitionen 

Group show with Kunstraum Super in Antichambre Düsseldorf. 

Kunstraum Super Wien

Antichambre Düsseldorf




September 25th - 30th.  From one skin to another 

Parallel Vienna, a Project Statement with Basement Autonomes Kunstraum. Duo exhibition with artist Christina Boula.




May - June 2017.  Geschichten aus Schichten 

With Format.strk Vienna. Duo show with New Media artist Kevin Daryl Ferdinandus. 

Format.strk on Facebook

Strategische Kapitulation Website




September 2016 - Zeitzoo Group Exhibition, Vienna.  

Zeitzoo Website