I, H O O BIONT ...

Responsive Bacterial Capsules




From February 18th till May 21st In Künstlerhaus Vienna


you can swallow the I, Holobiont responsive bacterial pills 

and go on an Audio-Tour; a transformative journey though our microcosm guided


                          befriended invaders... 



Maaijke Middelbeek, Through ooze and slime, On the road again, Künstlerhaus Wien,  interspecies communication, becoming with, symbiocene


Visitors swallowing the responsive bacterial capsules and scanning the QR-code

during the opening in Künstlerhaus Wien

Maaijke Middelbeek, Künstlerhaus, On the road again


Red Locker with cups with the responsive bacterial capsule pills

and left the QR-code

Maaijke Middelbeek, Künstlerhaus, On the road again


Young visitors making the audio tour after

swallowing the responsive bacterial capsules

Holobiont is an assemblage of a host and the many other species living in and on it, which alltogether form a discrete ecological unit through symbiosis.


Bioreactor with symbiotic cultures of bacteria & yeast.

The bacterial cultures in the capsule pills were cultured

in the bioreactor and than processed and dehydrated in the lab to make 

kombucha powder and extract the transformative responsive bacteria.


Window in my interspecies laboratory... 

Come in!

        take a journey through

                              our microcosm


BIOREACTOR with fermenting symbiotic cultures of bacteria & yeast

visitor looking in the wooden cube >> my interspecies laboratory