live photosynthesis performance, Maaijke Middelbeek, Künstlerhaus, On the road again, becoming with

                                                                                            Photography: Michael Nagl


Interactive living oxygen generator, here part of ON THE ROAD AGAIN in Künstlerhaus Vienna

from Febr. 18th to May 21st, 2023


<<  Soundcloud link  >>    Fragment of sounds of photosynthesis  by Karl Stirner

 Paul Gründorfer made the reactive sound design for the interactive oxygen generator >> more info below





Below as part of THROUGH OOZE and SLIME

SOLO exhibition in Galerija Na Katu, Zagreb, HR



interactive living oxygen generator


Above and below you see an interactive living oxygen generator. It is filled with microscopic

marine algae and seaweeds from the North Sea coast of the Netherlands: diatoms and

other phytoplankton, Bladderwrack, Sea whistle, Devil’s Apron, Green Hair Weed.


Maaijke Middelbeek, on the road again, live photosynthesis performance



Full installation with:


upper aquarium: bladderwrack, gutweed, green hair weed, water, marine salt, LED lights

in the middle: diatoms and nannochloropsis salina > micro algae, marine salt, loudspeaker, 

microphones, cables, tubes, pump, oxygen masks, paper mouthpieces, LED lights

below: bladderwrack, toothed wrack, water, marine salt, wood, LED lights,

recycled bottles and framing of galvanised

waterpipes (steel, party recycled) 



Maaijke Middelbeek, live photosynthesis performance, on the road again, Künstlerhaus Wien

Algae (micro- and macro algae) produce over fifty percent of our atmosphere’s oxygen. Statistically every

second breath you take is produced by alga. In turn, they metabolize the carbon dioxide you exhale.

There is a continuous cycle of matter between your lungs and algae 

in the oceans and waterways of the planet.




You and algae are inseparably connected!


Maaijke Middelbeek, Live Photosynthesis Performance, Through ooze and slime, phytoreactor, interspecies communication


The sound you hear is the fizzing and fizzling of photosynthesizing algae otherwise inaudible to

the human ear, each sound an encounter between your breath and the chlorophyll-containing algae

cells, the transformation of light into chemical energy and the crescendo of gas metamorphosis.




Video for a sound impression (best in HD)



Blow out in the machine and sing with the algae!



By blowing out CO2 in the tank the visitor becomes part of the algae's

Live photosynthesis performance - the participation effects the sound of

this biochemical process, that we made audible for the human ear



Bioreactive Sounddesign:

Paul Gründorfer

Karl Stirner

Maaijke Middelbeek, Live Photosynthesis Performance, Through ooze and slime, phytoreactor, oxygen generator, symbiocene



Interactive objects

             for interspecies communication





Details in the aquariums:

Right - lower aquarium in the installation

with Bladderwrack, condensation


Below - inside the upper aquarium:

Bladderwrack, Gutweed and Green Hair weed


Seaweeds that I collected July 2022 at the North Sea coast - Vrouwenpolder and Neeltje Jans, Zeeland NL 


     the algae after transport to Zagreb


Algae for in the aquarium tank (after transport): diatoms and other photosynthesising marine

micro-algae - Nannochloropsis Salina - that I cultivated for the exhibition in a small Bioreactor