A gallery during a lockdown, an open space closed, abandoned, transposed, to a vague place somewhere inbetween: 


Terrain Vague



The textures & pieces one can find in this still environment are the remains of an underlying process & object. Surfaces that were hidden, under a layer of dust, behind text code or behind a façade, were uncovered and exhibited. The above becomes about the below. The leftovers conserve their authentic past, as the traces of the exterior, but at the same time estrange from the original terrain and subsist in another setting and context. 



Installation with:

Rainer Stadlbauer (steelworks)

Andreas Perkmann Berger (framed print) 




Installed on the rests and remains of the Notgalerie in Seestadt (Vienna), 

build up in an alternative gallery space. Due to Covid-19 we could not travel to Prague.



A projection of the photo presents the absent works in Prague (see documentation below).



Photo: Tomáš Souček        


Alternative Installation - Galerie SPZ Prague



Due to a lockdown in Prague we could not build up the exhibition as planned.

We presented a photo of our installation as a projection

accompanied by smaller works exhibited in the gallery.


(left Andreas Perkmann Berger, center Rainer Stadlbauer and on the right my latex imprints)




the interstitial space 

between a

carpet and the floor

Maaijke Middelbeek, Terrain Vague, Latex Imprint, Galerie SPZ


    Photos left & right: Tomáš Souček 



work left & above right:  Molting 

work under (right): Coating


latex, ink & graphite powder





About my works:


Mould moulding

I lifted the corner of an old blue

rug and looked underneath. On the

other side I discovered a hull. An

organic coating, a living layer, 

covering and tracing the below of

the rug, as the tiles on the floor

beneath. A place in-between.



Mould carpeting

detail from the latex imprint

on the ground (see photo above)


imprint with latex, ink & graphite powder 




Detail of the foot of the hanging imprint

latex, ink & graphite powder